Leading the way

Buying a home can be easy, so can climbing an incredible peak, but if one is not fully prepared, it can be an ugly trip that results in tragedy.  

Some of this is mind set and the rest is following well laid plans to get to the top safely.  I've spent my career acquiring, and deliberately honing, skills to aid the novice home buyer through the multi-plex monopoly guru.  Our goal together is to make this dream of home ownership dreamy, and not a drag.  We take a holistic approach to the American Dream.  The goal here is, to OWN YOUR HOME, and not let it own you.  With my Home Loan Base Camp (HLBC), you'll have the support of knowledgeable professionals guiding you the entire way.

While we train and learn through this platform at HLBC, my next step is to move through the home loan process via my position at Nations Lending as their Producing Branch Manager in Martinez CA.  A link to my Nations Lending Mortgage loan application is found above or HERE.


How I Can

Help You

Ensuring that you're 100% poised to make educated decisions in the Home Buying process requires that you're first 100% educated. That's my job as your Home Loan Base Cam...
Base Camp - 1st Mortgage Meeting
1 hr
Free - But worth it!
There are times when changing up the route that we're on helps get us to the end result quicker or with less fatigue. Whether it's consolidating debt, ridding one's self...
Base Camp - Refinance Consultation
1 hr
Free - I'm all yours
People don't typically climb to great heights on their own. It takes teamwork, planning, great comrades, and a willingness to do what it takes. I'm always open to worki...
Realtor Synergy Evaluation
1 hr
$$ Maybe a coffee $$