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What a First Meeting Feels Like

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Come on over to the office to experience world class service, education, and warmth.

It's time to get some real information, relevant information, personal information about what it takes to purchase a home or refinance. That's what we're here for. My team and I are prepared to make your office visit a pleasurable one. No matter how you get here, we'll make sure that you "Find Your Path Home".


“ In a world where stories of sketchy and dishonest people abound, we have Matt Tews. He is very skilled at finding you a mortgage that will fit your needs. He does not oversell you and he does not do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. ” K. Wong

Let's be honest, if it's between Disneyland and going through the home loan process, it's a no brainer. In fact most people will say they prefer the dentist visit, but we're changing that! You'll be greeted with a smile and the beverage of your choice. You won't feel rushed and we'll ensure that every possible question is answered. We'll describe the process, the steps, and most likely come to some conclusions on our options together.

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We'll make it easy and strive for fun too!

“ Matt got us approved for a mortgage within a week. It was infinitely easier than the last time we refinanced in 2010. Matt is so organized, the process has been streamlined. He is a delight to work with because he is such a clear communicator. ” G. Rutenberg

How do we make sure we make everyone happy?

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